Dining with Divers 1:
Tales from the Kitchen Table

In their Dining with Divers series, Simon Pridmore and David Strike invite you to join them at their table to listen to stories and try dishes served up by a gathering of some of the great and the good of the scuba diving world. Explorers, record-breakers, innovators, designers, entrepreneurs and raconteurs all compete for your attention and taste buds in this unique series of diving story cookbooks.

"The dive stories from those at the cutting edge of diving are tremendous."

Rod Macdonald, author and wreck diver

"The recipes are as unique as the personal diving tales within."

Richie Kohler, author and explorer

"At last, someone has had the brilliant idea of writing about diving and cooking to capture both my passions in one book. Genius."

Bruce Milani Gallieni, DIVER Magazine (UK)

"Good collection of dive stories from some very big names in the industry."

Scot Parker on Goodreads

"A book to be revisited again and again."

Monica Tindall – Editor, The Yum List

"It’s great reading! Written as if the diver is telling the tale around the dinner table to friends."

Penelope Williams Executive Chef and Owner of Bali Asli Restaurant

For many divers, the next best thing to being underwater is talking about being underwater. And there is no better occasion for this than when sitting enjoying a meal together with like-minded friends. Simon and David knew that divers generally love to eat but they didn’t expect to find that so many had such impressive culinary skills.

In Dining with Divers: Tales from the Kitchen Table, the dishes they propose vary from cookouts to curries, from Thai salad to Flemish stew and from jellied eels to vegan cupcakes: there really is something for everyone. The personal accounts of underwater adventure range from shipwreck discoveries to iceberg exploration and encounters with big animals: each dive is a delight.

You won’t know whether to keep this book in your kitchen cabinet or on the bedside table.

Volume 1 features contributions by:

Leigh Bishop

Richie Kohler

Kevin & Mandy Gurr

Al & Freda Wright

Jill Heinerth

Dr. Richard Harris

Rod Macdonald

Steve Lewis

Michael Menduno

Sharon Kwok

Clement Lee

Barry McGill

Edd Stockdale

Clement Lee

and many, many more.

Producing a cookbook when your own adventures in the kitchen rarely amount to much more than looking for the tin opener might be considered a trifle ambitious. Producing two cookbooks, you might think, adds nuts to the trifle. However, there was such a terrific response to the collection of wonderful stories and recipes provided by the contributors to the first volume in this series that Simon and David decided to do it again.

Contributors to Dining with Divers: A Taste for Adventure include:

Capt. Bret Gilliam

Michael Aw

Phil Short

Kim Mikusch

Lamar Hires

Dr. Dawn Kernagis

Fabio Ruberti

Paul Lijnen

Allison Vitsky Sallmon

Lynn Funkhouser

Valerie Taylor

John Garvin

Alex Santos

Shaff Naeem

Liam Allan

and other dive professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world.