Diving & Snorkeling Guide to Bali

"Attractively illustrated and informative, full of hard-earned knowledge and experience, the Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Bali is all you’ll need to know about the island’s best known and the best less well-known dive spots, an essential tool to help you get the most from a Bali dive holiday.


Travel guru Bill Dalton in the Bali Advertiser

This beautifully illustrated, expanded and updated new edition of the Diving & Snorkeling Guide to Bali tells you all you need to know if you are planning diving or snorkeling trips around Bali.

Do you want to know where the coolest critters live? Where and when to go to have the best chance of seeing big fish? How to avoid the crowds? Look no further – it’s all here!

Deep lushly covered walls black sand slopes crawling with rare, bizarre and wonderful creatures impossibly gorgeous, multi-coloured coral reefs exotic white sand beaches and coves heart-pumping drift dives past other-worldly undersea cliffs and legendary big fish dives. Bali is truly one of the finest places in the world to dive. The sheer diversity of underwater seascapes is breathtaking.

And because any trip to Bali would not be complete without experiencing the topside wonders of this magical island, this new edition introduces you to some of the less well-known yet completely unmissable sites on land too.

Learn about ancient monuments that predate Borobudur and Angkor Wat Formula 1 buffalo racing, a cemetery inside a crater which dates back 1,000 years and a spectacular mountain temple that only the locals know, this book is your backstage pass to parts of the island seen by very few outsiders.

The 2019 Bali Diving & Snorkeling Guide includes detailed descriptions of 60 dive sites all around the island: the famous ones, the infamous ones and the secret ones that only the professionals know about. It is illustrated with over 180 gorgeous full colour images and contains maps, dive safety tips, advice on how to get around, the very best of Bali’s cultural icons and landscapes and a list of useful words in the Indonesian language, including diving terms.