May the People Know I'm Here?

A child struggles to understand the unrelenting cruelty of the life she is trapped in, while a young mother is forced into an impossible choice to try to save herself and her children.

Each is alone in a hostile world. To survive, they have to stay free.

Those that are taken never come back and the fiery spirit they share may not be enough. They will need the intervention of luck and kind strangers to have any chance of reaching sanctuary.

But the odds against them are enormous…

...and not all strangers are kind.

May the People Know I'm Here? is set in Amsterdam in the 1940s, where the Nazis are hunting for Jewish hideaways, although they are not the only predators seeking out the weak and persecuted.

Four-year-old Anka is trapped in the hands of cruel protectors, while Rachel, a young woman who has already lost everyone she holds dear, adopts a new identity to try to escape detection. They each make one tiny mistake and are picked up and transported out.

Only through an astonishing series of events will they find sanctuary.

May the People Know I'm Here? sits on the same shelf in the book store as The Plum Tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman, The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss and Carly Schabowski's The Watchmaker of Dachau.

“Wow, a triumph! A truly unique experience, I can honestly say I’ve never read a book like it.” Jeanne Revest, headmistress and English teacher

“A compelling and insightful story. Anka is a character you won’t forget!”

Amy Heydenrych – Author of Shame on You and The Pact

"An exhausting read and a story that has stuck with me even after finishing the book. Powerful. Illuminating."

Tracy A. Grogan – Author of Flotsam