Scuba Confidential:
An Insider's Guide to Becoming a Better Diver

"If PADI’s Open-Water manual is the Bible of scuba diving, consider this the New Testament. Scuba Confidential is the closest thing there is to a scuba diving self-help book and a must-read for any diver, new or old."

David Espinosa Editor-in-Chief, Sport Diver magazines

"Ideal – and inspirational – reading for a newish diver looking for direction, but however experienced you are I think it‘s likely that you‘ll enjoy reading Scuba Confidential and get something from it. The pleasure is in the incisive writing, with a notable lack of waffle, repetition or obvious errors, the logical structure of the book, and the fact that not only does Simon Pridmore know what he’s talking about, but he is supremely confident about the validity of his insights. In short, he cuts the crap. It’s everything we wanted to know about diving but were afraid to ask before the moment passed." 
Diver Magazine UK, November 2014

"I have known Simon for many years and have been privileged to have had several diving 'experiences' with him.His wealth of knowledge as a diving educator and experienced diver is evident within the content of this book. We are lucky that people like Simon take the time and effort to consolidate their knowledge and experiences into such texts not only for those of us that are still new to the underwater world but for those that wish to expand their horizons further into the part of our planet that so few of us get to see and bond with. I especially like the 'Becoming a better diver' summaries with each chapter, which are obviously the thrust of the book. A wise diver should collect these into one document and study and understand them fully. As Simon notes, it is tough to become a better diver, but it is something we should all strive for. It is even tougher to then write meaningful and concise guidance for others to share so that they can safely and enjoyably continue to expand their underwater horizons."
Kevin Gurr IANTD IT #6

"Instead of writing another training manual, Simon has utilised a very unique approach to sharing his many years of experience underwater with those that may be thinking of becoming a diver or are already enjoying the wonders of the underwater world. Through the use of case histories Simon provides a black-box approach to avoiding some of diving’s pitfalls and in doing so, he gives some great tips and insights on subjects important to divers at all levels that may not be found in other publications."
Terry Cummins OMA, Dive Industry Consultant

"A compelling page-turner packed full of thoughtful – and thought-provoking – information, tips, analyses and insights gleaned from more than thirty years as a widely-respected diving industry professional, Simon Pridmore’s, ‘Scuba Confidential: An Insider’s Guide To Becoming A Better Diver’, is required reading for all divers, regardless of experience level, whose minds remain open to the book’s underlying message that, “Learning to dive is easy becoming a good diver is hard.” Deserving of a place on every thinking-diver’s bookshelf, ‘Scuba Confidential’ is much more than just another, ‘How-To’ diving manual it’s a resource that, for those who heed its message, will pave the way for exciting and enjoyable diving adventures and discoveries."
David Strike, OZTeK Organiser

Scuba Confidential
Audiobook Version
Narrated and produced by Craig Beck