Scuba Exceptional:
Become the Best Diver You Can Be

Released in October 2018, Scuba Exceptional may be the fifth in Simon's Scuba series but it is the true follow-up to Scuba Confidential, the first book in the series.

Scuba Exceptional reflects the same philosophy of safe diving through the constant quest for further knowledge and the development of superb skills.

Chapters include:

What Does it Take to Become a Good Diver?

Situational Awareness & Developing Instincts

The Perimeter of Ignorance

Preconditioning for Scuba Diving

Into Thick Air - Technical Diving Tourism

A Question of Priorities

Out of Air with Plenty to Breathe

The Human Path to Safer Rebreather Diving

Ten Commandments for Technical Diving

Lost at Sea - Prevention Rather than Cure

The Concept of Failure Points

Harness & Wing BCD Systems - New Thinking

Defensive Diving

Move Like a Cave Diver

Front Row Seats for the Third Wave

...and much, much more.

Praise for Scuba Exceptional

"The first thing that came to mind when I finished the last sentence of Scuba Exceptional was, "I so wish that book had existed when I started diving nearly 30 years ago!".I have worked with Simon on technical diving projects, in equipment design and testing and in diver training, so I have intimate knowledge of the enormous depth of his experience within most fields of diving world wide. The tales and advice in Scuba Exceptional are engaging, relevant and offer much for the diver at any point or level in their hobby or career, to help them consider, change and become "the best diver they can be. I highly recommend this fount of knowledge."

Phil Short FRGS, fellow Explorers Club: Dive Industry Consultant: Director, Dark Water Exploration

"Scuba diving is exciting, arresting, stimulating the list goes on. But of course, without the appropriate training, the proper mindset and applied knowledge, it can be risky too. A great way to manage the risk and damp down the danger is to have a mentor someone with more experience that you can dive with and who can help keep you on the straight and narrow.
In his latest book, Scuba Exceptional, acclaimed author Simon Pridmore is that mentor. You may not be able to have Simon as an actual dive buddy, but his book -- crammed with relevant advice, tips, and explanations about how and how not to approach the sport we love -- is the next best thing.
Well written and easy to read, put a copy of Scuba Exceptional on your shopping list and read it before your next dive trip."

Steve Lewis, cave diving instructor, author of Staying Alive The Six Skills and Other Discussions and Death in Number Two Shaft

Available via Audible, Amazon and iTunes

Narrated by Simon

Produced by Martin East